Sometimes I get contacted by someone and words fail me. I got a “Hi” email from someone the other day. The profile picture intrigued me so I clicked over to see what he was all about. Photo #1 was an up-close of his unicorn head. Photo #2 was the whole shot.


But then it got better when I read his actual profile:

“If I am Zarathustran, it may be because I have overcome much in my life. I have been attacked by prairie dogs, and then chased by the police for attacking prairie dogs in a protected wildlife reserve. I am still here. I lived in SLC from 1981-1988 and have recently returned after spending 15 of the past 25 years in San Fransisco. I have lived in New Orleans, Honduras, Buenos Aires, The Mojave Desert, Chicago, and Lexington, among other places. God only made one of me. So enjoy me. Or not. I sure will. But enough.”

Wait. Did that say he was attacked by prairie dogs? That’s umm, unusual. Random references to obscure Nietzsche religions aside, I don’t even know what to do with the profile. It’s ok to be quirky on your dating profile, but once you cross the line into full blow odd don’t expect many people to message you back.