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I often find it interested how different people react to the same message. I can read a message and think it’s not funny, while a friend finds it charming and another finds it creepy. The importance with finding a partner is always finding one who thinks at least some of your jokes are funny, or charming, and not creepy.

So last week I got an email and the subject line was:
“If you are so smart, why don’t you love Jesus?”

I let out a sigh and prepare myself for whatever blog fodder the email is about to contain.

Ah – did you open this email after that line? Hehe I’m entertained either way I think which I assume is the most important part.

In some seriousness, let’s have a battle of wits to see if we can maintain a conversation. I propose we use old English (grammatically speaking, not the wood polish), or at least fake it, to keep things interesting.

Kind Lady,
The world o’re tis a wondrous sphere, with many of those who art kindly and genteel, yet also oft reeking of the creeping and vile. To test thy wisdom, please answerest thus inquiry: what is the is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

Little known fact about me. My friends and I used to quote lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in High School (we also quoted lines from Starship Troopers, but we don’t need to talk about that here). So reading this email I went from amused and smiling, to outright laughing at the end when he threw in the swallow bit. My friends read this email and one thinks this dude is weird and one thinks it’s fine, but doesn’t get the full appeal. But me; I was laughing. Which is half the battle. I have no idea what the actual date with this guy will be like, though he did pick one of my favorite places to meet (with no suggestion from me), so already his batting average is way up. But regardless of how the date turns out, I was very amused by the email and in a sea of ‘hey baby’ type messages, that’s saying something.


Edit: He was a nice guy but there was not spark for either of us on the date, which is just how that goes most times. He was also 6′ 5″ which put him a solid foot taller than me. It was a little weird while walking to keep having to look way up to talk to him.