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Remember the “tell me something sexy” guy from last week? Well against my better judgement I did actually go on a date with him this weekend. It was only an hour of my life and I figured I wouldn’t judge him too harshly for one somewhat borderline comment. You never know.

So the date was more or less ok. He was kinda all over the place. ADHD or something, but nothing too bad. That is untill he asked me this question.

Him: So do you like to play pranks on people?

Me: Umm, no. Not really.

Him: Oh I love to prank people. I do it all the time.

Me: Really? What kind of pranks?

Him: Oh you know. Jam on car keys. Thumb tack on a person’s chair. Harmless office pranks like that. I put laxative in a co-workers coffee a couple weeks ago.

(seriously dude?? Are you 12? That kind of frat boy shit should have stopped years ago)
I sat there silently for a moment trying to process what he just said.

Him: You don’t do anything like that to your friends?

Me: Nope. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have friends anymore if I pulled things like that.

Him: Oh you would be surprised what people will forgive you for.

No doubt. Besides wondering if this guy has the emotional maturity of a small child, my brain also flashed to images of what a relationship with him would be like and what kind of “stuff” might end up in my food selections at some point. Some people might find those pranks charming and endearing. Those people, are not me.

Over all, both dates this weekend were a strike out. The other guy was very nice and it was a normal and engaging date, but I just didn’t feel any spark. If he asks for a 2nd date I would go just to see but I wont be pushing for that 2nd date like I would if I were interested. I have some more dates lined up for the week, so we will see how they go.