So I emailed a guy on Sat. and after exchanging a few emails he asked me out for coffee. I gave him my phone number so we could set something up and yesterday in the middle of the day he sent me a text.

After the customary ‘hey this is me. How is your day going’ text, he sent me this:

“Besides work though tell me about you a bit”

Now I HATE questions like that. I hate that question so much that I specifically say in my dating profile how much I hate that question. My profile has TONS of info about me, my hobbies, my likes, etc. Lots and lots of stuff to be able to work from for starting up a conversation.

I don’t want to be a bitch in my reply, but I also don’t want to play the “I’m too lazy to go look at your profile and ask you real questions, so I am going to make you do all the work” game. So I send him back this:

“What do you want to know? :-)”

This is his response:

“Something fun, something smart, and something sexy”

Sexy? Seriously? After 3 emails and 3 texts? Yes, please, let me tell a virtual stranger about all my sexy wants and desires. This isn’t a cheap porno movie where a girl knocks on your door and 5 min. later you are getting laid. That probably really does happen somewhere, but not in any movie starring me.