I have been on and off the dating sites for about 4 years now (man is that a depressing statement). When things get serious with someone or when I get fed up with dating, I will take a break. But when I am single, like the siren song, the sites always call me back. I usually use OKCupid and pay the money for Match.com (6 months at a time as I almost always get another 6 months for free with them). I like that OKCupid has people answer questions and ranks them for you based on how important you said those questions were. But because it is a free site it tends to attract some less than desirable male customer base (Aka the douche bag). Match has a much larger selection and the fact you have to pay for it weeds out some of the riff raff, but sometimes you don’t know about deal breakers with a person till a couple dates in.

I don’t know how excited I am to actually date just yet. The ending of my relationship has left me very raw and angry and then looking at the dregs of the dating pool online has just been a depressing experience this past week. I HAD something really good and the idea of wading through crap to try to find that again seems very laborious and smelly.

So I am trying to baby step back into things. My match subscription ended a month ago (yeah I know, great timing), and I don’t quite feel like putting up the money for it again just yet. When I feel like actually dating again is when it will be good to start the clock running there. So I only re-activated and updated my OKCupid profile. In the first 24 hours when I put it back online, I got 17 emails. The funny thing is, several of them are from guys that emailed me about a year ago and due to the over the top douche nature of them/their email they got blog post written about them.

A whole year later, we now come full circle.

The rest were a mix of a fresh level of Douche, people on the other side of the country, or some nice but not my type guys. I believe in being proactive on dating sites so I scoped out 8 or 9 profiles I liked and initiated contact, but my heart isn’t fully in it right now. In any case, 5 of them have emailed me back and there looks like at least a little glimmer of hope out there. Still… I am very much having a FML attitude with regards to the situation. I’ll get over it. I always do. The good news is I already have 3 blog posts written from the fresh round of contacts, and once I start going on crappy dates again, you all will get the enjoyment of reading about them, so there is that to look forward to.

Until the next post….