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A friend who also does online dating posted this to facebook a little while ago. The flow chart is pretty funny:


The day before that I had been talking to a different friend about how so many of the guy profiles say they “Work hard, to play hard”. I have heard guys say that a lot of girls have things like “I love to laugh” on their profile.

I get winked at or emailed a lot by guys with high douchebag potential ala the flow chart. Jeff Foxworthy has his “You might be a redneck if . . .”  jokes and I really think we need to come up with some “You might be a Douchebag if . . .” jokes.

I’ll start us off (and PS these are all inspired by actual guys that have contacted me).

You might be a douchebag if . . . your dating profile has 12 photos and you are shirtless in 5 of them.

”                             ”            . . . you are white but 80% of your photos are of you throwing “gang” signs.

You might be a douchebag if . . . you are wearing a flat brim Baseball type hat, tilted slightly to one side.

”                                ”        . . . 5 of out 7 of your photos have trashy women hanging all over you in  a bar.

You might be a douchebag if . . . Your first email to a girl just says “hey sexy”.

Any we should add to the list?