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Back when I was still married, I had friends and family (in-law) that were giving the internet dating a go. Many of them lamented the number of guys who would email them looking for a hook up. When I got divorced and started dating again I got to see first hand just what they meant. My online dating profile has a special disclaimer about how I’m not looking for a hook up, that I want a committed relationship, etc. I’ve had a couple of guys point-blank ask me how common a request for hook ups is that I need a disclaimer. I offer up Exhibit A:

I got this email this morning. Its starts out nice enough and then, BAM!

“Good morning… How are you?
You look really cute in your pics
You have a beautiful smile
Tell me.. Would you be open for a friend with passionate benefits?”

“Passionate benefits”! That is like a benefit bonus! How can I say no to such an offer?!?

Now I know my profile has a lot of words on it. Words that take actual time to read, and my disclaimer is all the way at the bottom of all those words. Who wants to read words, when we could be sexing it up big time.

Dude. Come on.

Ladies – can’t you just feel the passion?